Little Gray Bastards now over 50,000 words!

The work that David Barker has put into this book is absolutely amazing. He tells the story, in episodes, of a man’s entire life filled with high strangeness. My chapters are intercalary essays on the incessant presence of the Grays in our lives. The art is coming along incredibly. Mark Madland illustrated what is perhaps the most frightening image of a Gray I have yet seen rendered.


Our deadline is November, so things are beginning to accelerate. I think people will really like this book. It is on a total fringe of ufology.

Little Gray Bastards at ~ 22,000 words

Well, David and I certainly have been busy. Not even yet the second month of the year and we have written approximately 22,000 words on Little Gray Bastards: The Incessant Alien Presence. That count is nearly half the required amount as specified in our contract with Schiffer, and we have so much more to write, and until November to deliver the manuscript.

The book is much different from my previous work, Evolutionary Ufology, and all the better for it. I can honestly say I am writing better, more compelling material than in my other book. Also, David Barker is a master of his craft. Every sentence from him is gold, and there are a lot of sentences! I am so happy to be working with him, a life’s dream come true.

Alien Artifact Symbols Compared

This may or may not make it into Little Gray Bastards, but it’s something in which I have always been fascinated. I took the known symbols from the Roswell I-Beam and also those reported on the hull of an alien spacecraft in the Rendlesham Forest Case and compared the two symbol sets. I also compared these symbols to those supposedly seen on the Kecksburg, PA UFO.

Symbols from Three UFO Cases Compared

Symbols from Three UFO Cases Compared

I also attempted to make some sense of the symbols, but much more work needs to go into decoding them individually and by comparison.

Little Gray Bastards: The Incessant Alien Presence

Little Gray Bastards has been given a subtitle, The Incessant Alien Presence.  David and I both felt the word “incessant” best describes our vision for the discussion of aliens in the book.  We are already at nearly 10,000 words, 1/4 of the minimum required by our contract.  I’m guessing, especially since our manuscript is not due for a year, that the book will well top 40K, probably more than 50K.