Alien Ted Bundys

My friend Chris requested that I compare the Grays to Ted Bundy, so I have done so.  Here you go, Chris!


[The Grays] get off on murder like alien Ted Bundys: “You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!” I have no doubt the Grays share Bundy’s sick sentiment.


(Word count now at 36,000)


Evolutionary Ufology Hits 35,000 Words

Well, Toumai might not know what words are, or why 35,000 words is significant for my book. Evolutionary Ufology, but what it means is that I only have 10,000 words to go to reach the minimum number of words necessary for publication.  At the rate I’ve been writing that means two solid work weeks.  I doubt very much that I can wrap up the book in only 10,000 more words, so the book will most probably be longer than I expected (more to love!).  Frankly, I would like to make this book longer than my novel, Saucerville, just to see if I can do it.  I am still looking at a rough draft completion date by late August to early September.

Gray Holotype Model

Here is my model of the Quadrapus ravus (“four-legged gray”) holotype, in its horizontal orientation with tube-like body and four main tentacles ( instead of the bipedal, limbed anthropomorphism usually displayed of the Gray gross anatomy).

I kit-bashed the Lindberg Company “Alien” model, using the “hands” (bifurcated tentacles) and the head.  I also removed the external ears and the nose with an exacto knife.  Then I molded the body and tentacles using air-dry clay.  A photograph of this model may or may not be used in my book Evolutionary Ufology, but the model can be used for a sketch if the photo doesn’t work out.

Notice the footless front tentacles and the longer length and fluidity of the back bifurcated tentacles.  The orientation of the bifurcated tentacles is unimportant, as these “hands” can be twisted into any position, just like the tentacles of an earthly cephalopod.

Cattle Mutilations

Why would Grays surgically remove specific organs from a bovine?  Always the same organs and, most notably, the sexual organs and the digestive tract.  Grays lack both of these physiological systems, so it makes sense they would be interested in studying them.  Why cattle, and why do we see this repeatedly?  Veterinary students typically begin their surgical experience on strays, dogs and cats that are due for euthanasia at animal shelters.  Perhaps initiate Grays in the art of vivisection are practicing first on nonhumans, before moving on to their central research, us.  Why vivisect a living human?  Again, there are the anatomical and physiological interests in those systems the Grays lack.  They also must enjoy the suffering and terror of an intelligent being as its rectum is cored out and intestines removed.  The Grays are assholes without assholes.


SUPER 8 really surprised me.  I expected a really hollow experience from the movie, special effects with no characters. Critics had proclaimed it a Spielberg rip-off with nothing new to see here, folks.  I simply disagree.  The film really was primarily character-driven and the characters were believable.  It reminded me more of Stand By Me than anything else.  There were also flashes of E.T. and Close Encounters, even Ron Howard’s Cocoon.  But SUPER 8 holds its own, and is J.J. Abrams’ best film to date.

Like Close Encounters, SUPER 8 didn’t generate much merchandise.  The Argus Cube replica, available from Quantum Mechanix (QMx) is the only licensed product, aside from posters.  It comes in a cool little USAF crate box.

You can order a replica Argus Cube here at QMx Online:

SUPER 8 made me feel like a kid.  I was always building models, looking up into the night sky, dreaming of aliens and girls (not necessarily in that order).  It was like a a cultural time machine that pulled on my emotions.  Good job, J.J.!

SUPER 8 Alien Statue

SUPER 8 Alien Statue

I really have a fondness for this statue as well.  Again, it is available from Quantum Mechanix, and well worth the price.  It’s very well done, sculpted directly from the film’s CGI model.  It has actual facial expression, and the entire statue has a very nice sheen to it!

Close Encounter with 1978

Do you remember these bendable guys, one of the only pieces of merchandise a kid could get his hands on from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, back in 1978?  I remember quite distinctly some family friends had this little guy on their fireplace mantle.  I always wanted one.  So, thank you, Billy Galaxy–you even gave me a good price!

What’s cool about these bendable figures?  A couple things.  1) You can manipulate the head, arms, hands, legs, and feet, to recreate some of the puppet movements in the film.  2) The eyes are actually separate pieces glued to the figure; a small but nice touch. 3) Their tube-like body more resembles that of the Grays than the anthropomorphic Lindberg Company model.

I have very fond memories of seeing the re-release of the Special Edition with my best buddy and his mom back in 1980.  It immediately became one of my favorite movies, right up there with Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  I watched Close Encounters again and again on my grandma’s tv (she had HBO).

This is one of my favorite sci-fi collectibles, right up there with the Monolith “action figure.”

Summer of the Saucers

Well, my friends and I have been using the warm, dry weather to build models of UFOs this summer (you can’t spraypaint when it’s raining).  I built the models and painted them and then my friends added the amazing lighting effects.  The models are ingeniously wired so you can just plug them into the wall socket and flip a switch.

The first model I built was an Area 51 flying saucer.  Here it is fully lighted with green LEDs.  The model’s box is shown below.  You can purchase it and all the other models shown at Amazon.


The second model I built was a triangular UFO.  I spraypainted it flat black and my friends added randomly flashing LEDs.



The third models I made were classic flying saucers with domed tops.  I spraypainted them silver and then my friends added blue LEDs for the lighting effect.



More saucers are coming so keep watching the skies!