Alien Gray Model

Here is my version of the Lindberg Alien model kit.


You can order it from Amazon here:

I used a chrome spraypaint for the bodysuit and then gave it a coat of glow-in-the-dark spraypaint so the entire body glows a greenish hue.  The head was painted with gray acrylic and the eyes with gloss black model paint.

I first painted the base with a reddish brown acrylic, then spraypainted it with a rocky texture paint, then dry-brushed the reddish brown acrylic over that.  I painted Elmer’s glue on top of that layer and dusted the entire surface with Roswell Soil Sample, also available through Amazon here:  The certificate of authenticity is taped beneath the base.

It turned out to be a handsome model, but of course the anatomy is all wrong.  The model has elbows, a buttocks, knees, and feet with toes.  I am considering kit-bashing the next model I ordered, altering the orientation of the body to horizontal and re-working the anatomy.


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