Summer of the Saucers

Well, my friends and I have been using the warm, dry weather to build models of UFOs this summer (you can’t spraypaint when it’s raining).  I built the models and painted them and then my friends added the amazing lighting effects.  The models are ingeniously wired so you can just plug them into the wall socket and flip a switch.

The first model I built was an Area 51 flying saucer.  Here it is fully lighted with green LEDs.  The model’s box is shown below.  You can purchase it and all the other models shown at Amazon.


The second model I built was a triangular UFO.  I spraypainted it flat black and my friends added randomly flashing LEDs.



The third models I made were classic flying saucers with domed tops.  I spraypainted them silver and then my friends added blue LEDs for the lighting effect.



More saucers are coming so keep watching the skies!


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