Teardrop-Shaped Tools and the Gray Face

It only takes a little imagination to see the Gray face in this Upper Oldowan bifacial chopper.  The tool is teardrop-shaped, and even the areas where it was tooled look like the impressions of slanted lens-shaped eyes, a nostril area, and even the slit of a mouth.

Total coincidence?  Or evidence of the Gray presence on Earth 1.5 million years ago, interacting with members of species Homo ergaster?  If the shape of the tool was in fact inspired by interactions with Grays, this makes it the oldest form of portable art by almost one and a half million years.

Here are two more, from the Acheulean tradition, about 250,000 years ago:

Apparently, the hand-axes even had aerodynamic properties, allowing them to be thrown and to fly some distance.


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