Close Encounter with 1978

Do you remember these bendable guys, one of the only pieces of merchandise a kid could get his hands on from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, back in 1978?  I remember quite distinctly some family friends had this little guy on their fireplace mantle.  I always wanted one.  So, thank you, Billy Galaxy–you even gave me a good price!

What’s cool about these bendable figures?  A couple things.  1) You can manipulate the head, arms, hands, legs, and feet, to recreate some of the puppet movements in the film.  2) The eyes are actually separate pieces glued to the figure; a small but nice touch. 3) Their tube-like body more resembles that of the Grays than the anthropomorphic Lindberg Company model.

I have very fond memories of seeing the re-release of the Special Edition with my best buddy and his mom back in 1980.  It immediately became one of my favorite movies, right up there with Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  I watched Close Encounters again and again on my grandma’s tv (she had HBO).

This is one of my favorite sci-fi collectibles, right up there with the Monolith “action figure.”


2 responses to “Close Encounter with 1978

  1. Where can I find one of these? I’m making a film, and this would be PERFECT for one of the characters! Please let me know ASAP.

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