SUPER 8 really surprised me.  I expected a really hollow experience from the movie, special effects with no characters. Critics had proclaimed it a Spielberg rip-off with nothing new to see here, folks.  I simply disagree.  The film really was primarily character-driven and the characters were believable.  It reminded me more of Stand By Me than anything else.  There were also flashes of E.T. and Close Encounters, even Ron Howard’s Cocoon.  But SUPER 8 holds its own, and is J.J. Abrams’ best film to date.

Like Close Encounters, SUPER 8 didn’t generate much merchandise.  The Argus Cube replica, available from Quantum Mechanix (QMx) is the only licensed product, aside from posters.  It comes in a cool little USAF crate box.

You can order a replica Argus Cube here at QMx Online: http://store.qmxonline.com/Super-8-Argus-Cube-Replica_p_158.html

SUPER 8 made me feel like a kid.  I was always building models, looking up into the night sky, dreaming of aliens and girls (not necessarily in that order).  It was like a a cultural time machine that pulled on my emotions.  Good job, J.J.!

SUPER 8 Alien Statue

SUPER 8 Alien Statue

I really have a fondness for this statue as well.  Again, it is available from Quantum Mechanix, and well worth the price.  It’s very well done, sculpted directly from the film’s CGI model.  It has actual facial expression, and the entire statue has a very nice sheen to it!


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