Cattle Mutilations

Why would Grays surgically remove specific organs from a bovine?  Always the same organs and, most notably, the sexual organs and the digestive tract.  Grays lack both of these physiological systems, so it makes sense they would be interested in studying them.  Why cattle, and why do we see this repeatedly?  Veterinary students typically begin their surgical experience on strays, dogs and cats that are due for euthanasia at animal shelters.  Perhaps initiate Grays in the art of vivisection are practicing first on nonhumans, before moving on to their central research, us.  Why vivisect a living human?  Again, there are the anatomical and physiological interests in those systems the Grays lack.  They also must enjoy the suffering and terror of an intelligent being as its rectum is cored out and intestines removed.  The Grays are assholes without assholes.


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