Gray Holotype Model

Here is my model of the Quadrapus ravus (“four-legged gray”) holotype, in its horizontal orientation with tube-like body and four main tentacles ( instead of the bipedal, limbed anthropomorphism usually displayed of the Gray gross anatomy).

I kit-bashed the Lindberg Company “Alien” model, using the “hands” (bifurcated tentacles) and the head.  I also removed the external ears and the nose with an exacto knife.  Then I molded the body and tentacles using air-dry clay.  A photograph of this model may or may not be used in my book Evolutionary Ufology, but the model can be used for a sketch if the photo doesn’t work out.

Notice the footless front tentacles and the longer length and fluidity of the back bifurcated tentacles.  The orientation of the bifurcated tentacles is unimportant, as these “hands” can be twisted into any position, just like the tentacles of an earthly cephalopod.


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