Lindberg Model Company Approves Publication of Model Photos

The Lindberg Model Company has allowed me to use photos of its models for publication in Evolutionary Ufology.  All they asked for in return, if I understood the correspondence correctly, is 12 copies of the final printed book.  Okay!

Gray Alien

Gray Alien Anatomy Model

Roswell Craft with Gray

Area 51 Flying Saucer

Thank you, Lindberg!


Bright Object Over Salem Engaged in Fast Maneuvers

A recent letter to the editor in the Statesman Journal reported a multiple occasion sighting in the last week of a bright object moving around rapidly like a bee in the night sky.  Here is the link to the letter:

Hopefully, this will be reported to MUFON.

I am wondering these days, is it going to become more and more difficult to tell the difference between true unknowns and indentifiable strange objects, such as police drones?  Apparently, police departments in the suburbs of Portland have begun using drones for surveillance.  What are the limits of speed and maneuverability?

I’m not saying the object reported in today’s paper was a drone.  But how will we tell?  Are MUFON Field Investigators trained about drones?

Glossary Completed, Illustrations Underway

Mike Montgomery highly suggested I add a short glossary to assist the reader in some of the more technical terminology.  I am also making all illustrations using the MS Paint program.  Unfortunately, I will not be using the excellent art I collected for the book, including this illustration of my daughter’s sighting.

Anna’s illustration of her sighting of the “Little Red Glowing Rectangle”

Second Draft of Evolutionary Ufology Completed

After an exceptional editing job by Mike Montgomery (pseudonym), I have completed the second draft of Evolutionary Ufology, and it is a much tighter book for it.

Jordan Hofer’s current MUFON ID photo

I am now awaiting the edit from my contact at Oregon MUFON, Keith Rowell.  I have no doubt he will have many insightful and pertinent comments that will make the book even better.

Old Friends Are the Best Friends

So when old friends want to congratulate you on your first book, they come up with suggestions, such as a mock cover–truly a mock cover.

The Carp and Big Jim watching over Young Hofe

Gotta admit, it captures something of the ecstatic truth.  Bill and Jim have always been there to cheer me on, the last time when I presented my essay “Evidence for the Personhood of Chimpanzees” at the  Jane Goodall ChimpanZoo Conference in Portland, Oregon, September, 2001.

Speaking of chimpanzees, Jim came up with another Photoshop mash up of high strangeness…

What to say, really, but kjdhgoiuyaqrngnmvcigw7iruefhgmacknbvlkabv;njka kjsdhfgkjraehgnoieqihjegovjq’eopjgrpojgpajjgprjgporj?!