LEGO Ufology

There is no doubt in my mind that playing with LEGO has helped me in my writing process.  Designing and building LEGO models seems to help my brain better communicate with itself.  Here, then, is a gallery of UFO related LEGO designs I have made.

This is a UFO from my novel Saucerville.  In the book it is a mile wide, and much of the second act takes place inside its labyrinth of corridors and chambers of horror.  Notice the Zeta Reticuli symbol on top (I printed it out and taped it in place).

This is a three-color mosaic of the cover of Communion.  Though very cool and creepy, it is simply cost-prohibitive to produce as an actual LEGO item.  Besides, I already have a framed LEGO mosaic of Charles Darwin.  What would the point be in bringing this to solid LEGO life?

This is the digital rendering of a LEGO vignette, recreating the newspaper headlines of the Battle of Los Angeles, 1942.  I later realized this piece in LEGO.

This was a fun project, basically a mosaic of the Zeta Reticuli symbol using a green baseplate and smaller green plates as the standing grass, making a model of a crop circle.

This is one of the funner vignettes, an alien autopsy, complete with horrified abductee and four Grays.  The Gray on the far left is trying to calm the subject.  The next Gray over is injecting an implant with a syringe and preparing to fill its test tube with the victim’s copious amounts of blood.  The next Gray is using a surgical device to make an incision in the abdomen.  The Gray on the far right is using a vacuum extraction device to remove a coil of intestine for inspection.  Alien abduction terror!

This is a Gray inside a cloning chamber.  I lit the model with a LEGO-specific LED from the LifeLites company.  It looks kind of creepy in the full dark and shines surprisingly bright.

These last two images are of my daughter’s “Alien King Throne Room” that she designed.  She let me add a few details in the bottom picture.  The Gray King now has a crystal skull and the green and red antenna arrays are attached to wind-up motors that make them spin.

LEGO + Ufology = Fun!

(Word count: > 46,000 words)


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