LEGO “Alien Conquest”

The public’s interest in UFOs is not going away, it’s getting stronger.  One of LEGO’s popular themes for the past year has been the “Alien Conquest” series of models.

The Mothership is a giant set with a rotating outer ring and electronic sound effects.  Also includes the strangely adorable “head hugger” aliens that take control of a minifigure’s little LEGO mind.

The Tripod Invader is straight out of H.G. Wells, with a detachable space pod on top that can detach from the legs.  Also included is the adorable head hugger and a chamber on the back of the pod to store an abductee.

The Alien Abduction set is my personal favorite.  A red light beams down from the center of the craft and minifigures can be abducted by placing them inside the ventral surface.  …If only it came with a cow!

So, naturally, I was inspired to create a couple models to go along with this line.

The first model I made was a gravity drive starfighter, a reverse-engineered craft used to fight the alien conquest menace.  I deliberately designed it to appear non-aerodynamic, as it needs no lift aside from its anti-gravs.

The cloned head UFO is a biomechanical scout craft.  It was a strange inspiration and ended up looking like an albino goth chick in a hoopskirt.


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