The Saucerville Trilogy

Now that I have finished the first draft of Evolutionary Ufology, it’s time to think about my first project.  The Saucerville trilogy is a series of novels for young adult readers.  I finished writing several drafts of the first book, Saucerville.  Here is the mock up for the cover:

The manuscript is sitting in some agent’s inbox somewhere for some time…this is taking a while to garner interest.  Hopefully, with the publication of Evolutionary Ufology, I’ll get some cred, and then maybe the trilogy will be accepted by somebody.  Nevertheless, I have already begun on the sequel, Conifer.  The mock up cover is below.

Here are some fun graphics I did for the books.  The first is the symbol of the aliens from Zeta Reticuli.  The second is the symbol of the Conifer Corporation.

I am hard-pressed at this time to figure why there would not be interest in this trilogy.  It’s about time the young adult literature bandwagon got over-saturated with vampires, zombies, and Hunger Games post-apocalyptic themed books.  There has never been a series of books like these, with a strong ufology mythos at the center of the plot.  This trilogy remains my biggest dream as a writer.



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