Old Friends Are the Best Friends

So when old friends want to congratulate you on your first book, they come up with suggestions, such as a mock cover–truly a mock cover.

The Carp and Big Jim watching over Young Hofe

Gotta admit, it captures something of the ecstatic truth.  Bill and Jim have always been there to cheer me on, the last time when I presented my essay “Evidence for the Personhood of Chimpanzees” at the  Jane Goodall ChimpanZoo Conference in Portland, Oregon, September, 2001.

Speaking of chimpanzees, Jim came up with another Photoshop mash up of high strangeness…

What to say, really, but kjdhgoiuyaqrngnmvcigw7iruefhgmacknbvlkabv;njka kjsdhfgkjraehgnoieqihjegovjq’eopjgrpojgpajjgprjgporj?!


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