Evolutionary Ufology Received by Schiffer Publishing, Etc.

All of the materials for Evolutionary Ufology: A New Synthesis have been received by Schiffer Publishing.  I will begin to hear from the teams there sometime in December.

No word yet on Saucerville, which I sent off to Double Dragon Publishing, but I have begun the sequel, Conifer, in positive anticipation of the trilogy’s acceptance.

I have also begun preliminary visualization for a horror novel for adults, entitled CE-10.  This novel is in the very early stages of ideas for characters, plot, and locations.


Illustrations for Evolutionary Ufology Completed

All of the photo illustrations for Evolutionary Ufology have been completed by Mark Madland and Chris Olsenius.  There is no doubt that this will be a well illustrated book!

Gray hybrid skull

Gray hybrid autopsy

Area 51 UFO 1

Area 51 UFO 2

Triangular UFO

Saucer pair

1954 UFO


Roswell UFO

Notice the image of a Gray’s face in the above photo–absolute genius!

Saucerville Submitted to Double Dragon Publishing

After being rejected by yet another agent, I have now submitted the Saucerville manuscript to a publisher directly.  Double Dragon Publishing publishes many ebooks and paperbacks, including Young Adult Science Fiction, by first-time authors, and without the frustrating intermediary of agents who seem utterly blind to a damn good book.  I’ll know in 6 weeks whether or not all of my preparation of the manuscript was worth the work.

Pegasus Hobbies Approves Publication of Product Photographs

I am very lucky to have gotten in touch with the owner of Pegasus Hobbies, who has graciously agreed to allow me to include photographs of two model kits, the Area 51 UFO and the Alpha Centauri UFOs.

What makes this especially fortunate is that these models have been built and lighted for quite some time now, so photographing them can happen immediately.  Evolutionary Ufology is going to be illustrated quite well indeed.