Conifer at 10,000 Words

Conifer, the sequel to Saucerville, is now at 10,000 words–that’s 1/5th of the novel completed.  The sequel is much faster paced than its predecessor, and much darker.  The action and characters are building for a dramatic tragic climax, the very essence of Act II!

1/5 of CONIFER



Saucerville Submitted To Laughing Lune Publishing

I have submitted Saucerville to Laughing Lune Publishing, a company that exclusively publishes young adult literature.  I should know by February 26 whether or not the editors know a hit when they see one.  I’ll probably get back to work on Conifer within the next two months, just in case.

Double Dragon Denies Saucerville

Double Dragon Publishing has rejected Saucerville, no reasons given, of course.  I am unsure as to the next step, except I do not believe I will continue writing the sequel, Conifer, at this time.


Personal: On Becoming a Ufologist

I know that my choice to research UFOs has alienated me from an even larger portion of the population than I already was.  When I taught human evolution some people literally believed I was Satan.  So now that I am both an evolutionist and a ufologist, I guess I am doubly ostracized from mainstream culture.  But both are real.  Evolution happens.  UFOs exist.  I became an evolutionist because that was my primary study in school and the theory is as certain as heliocentrism.  I became a ufologist because my best friends saw a large, black triangular UFO close up, and I wanted to join them in their quest for the truth–because I love them.  These choices have made me an outcast in this culture.  So be it.  I have made a lot of choices in my life that I truly regret.  But being an evolutionist and a ufologist are not among them.  My heart is filled with wonder, not shame.


Young Adult Reader Reacts to Saucerville

Recently, a young woman I know read Saucerville.  Here is what she had to say:

“I just finished Saucerville, I loved it! I really enjoyed the references to pop culture. Great imagery. It has some real creepy parts to it. You’re going to give kids nightmares. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series! Bravo Jordan.”

If this is any indication of how young adults will respond to the series, then I think it just might fly…eventually.





New Mock-Up Cover for Mothership

Here is my mock-up cover for the third book in the Saucerville trilogy, Mothership: