Personal: On Becoming a Ufologist

I know that my choice to research UFOs has alienated me from an even larger portion of the population than I already was.  When I taught human evolution some people literally believed I was Satan.  So now that I am both an evolutionist and a ufologist, I guess I am doubly ostracized from mainstream culture.  But both are real.  Evolution happens.  UFOs exist.  I became an evolutionist because that was my primary study in school and the theory is as certain as heliocentrism.  I became a ufologist because my best friends saw a large, black triangular UFO close up, and I wanted to join them in their quest for the truth–because I love them.  These choices have made me an outcast in this culture.  So be it.  I have made a lot of choices in my life that I truly regret.  But being an evolutionist and a ufologist are not among them.  My heart is filled with wonder, not shame.


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