“Charles Darwin, we have a problem…”

When I wrote Evolutionary Ufology: A New Synthesis, I apologized to Charles Darwin for the highly speculative thought experiment I was proposing in my book.  But the thought experiment, indeed, the book itself, is a playful synthesis of evolutionary fact with the ufology mythos.  The book is not meant to present a persuasive argument, merely a thoughtful interplay between human evolutionary theory and ufology.  I state quite clearly that the book is a thought experiment, and that events in human evolution can be explained sufficiently with modern evolutionary theory.  I present the “what if” thought experiment of alien tampering in human evolution and then proceed from there “as if” all that follows is factual.  For those unacquainted with multidisciplinary syntheses and metaphorical representations, this will certainly cause some consternation.  But I am not claiming to present the speculations as persuasive arguments.  The book is a jaunt, a playground of imagination in evolution and ufology.  It is meant to be fun and engaging.  Anyone who takes the book too seriously has missed the point.  I want to push the boundaries of imagination and enter the purview of dreams, both in evolution and ufology.  And I want to have a blast doing it.  Hopefully, the reader will enjoy the ride of “what if” and “as if” through the dreamscape of imagination as two disciplines collide and ideas are born, having fun in the realm of a new synthesis.

The Monolith and the Engineer prepare to rumble.  My bet's on the block--good luck tossing that, big guy!

The Monolith and the Engineer prepare to rumble. My bet’s on the block–good luck tossing that, big guy!