Saucerville and Evolutionary Ufology

Wow!  It has been far too long since I posted.  And in that time some pretty exciting things have been shaping up.

First, Evolutionary Ufology is now listed in Schiffer Books’ online catalog with a release date of February 2014.  I am still waiting for the first edit, but once it arrives I will have it ready in no time.  I still have high hopes for this fun little book.

But…the really exciting news concerns my novel for young adult readers, Saucerville.  After sitting on it for far too long after hearing nothing from editor after editor and agent after agent, I decided to go ahead and get the thing published.  Through incredibly good luck I found the publishing company Inkwater Press in Portland.  The company was immediately interested in the book, and everything proceeded quite rapidly from there.  I just received the manuscript proof and the incredibly cinematic cover proofs.

Front and back covers

Front cover (poster)

I love the mood set by the cover: our three heroes, standing together defiantly, beneath a mile-wide UFO.  The graphics designer at Inkwater Press is, in my opinion, an absolute genius, and I recognized her work in the book’s acknowledgments.  After two more edits, the book is in the best shape ever.  For the first time I can honestly say that I like the book…knowing where the story is going in the next book, Conifer, I think I might be falling in love with the trilogy.  Saucerville will be available for purchase in the fall of this year.

I have three excellent reviewers adding their blurbs to the book: David Barker, David Halperin, and Kathleen Marden.  David Barker has been a close family friend for many years, and was writing about UFOs when I was in grade school!  Recently, David Barker has had some good fortune in publishing as well.  His book Death at the Flea Circus is a masterpiece, a curious mix of H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Brautigan.  Barker is currently writing a story with Lovecraftian author Pugmire.  David Halperin and I first began an email correspondence when I answered his facebook ad concerning perceptions and hallucinations of UFOs.  Our exchanges have been enjoyable and stimulating.  He seems to be having fun with ufology in a similar manner to myself.  His semi-autobiographical novel Journal of a UFO Investigator is a fantastic read, a truly great novel, whether you like UFOs or not.  In that book, Halperin transcends the paranormal.  I first read the book Captured! by Kathleen Marden about four years ago.  It was one of the first books on ufology I ever read and is the best book concerning the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case ever written.  She too agreed to read and review Saucerville.  Talk about a dream team!

I am also in contact with a writer / producer / director concerning the film version of Saucerville, but at this point it is simply too early to divulge anything more besides this teaser!


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