Saucerville Reviews in and Sent off to Inkwater Press

The following three excellent reviews have now been sent off to my publisher.  I could not have hoped for better–they are absolutely magnificent, and I am very grateful to the reviewers

This well-written, fantasy driven book is certain to satisfy the creative imaginations of young adults who crave action packed suspense. Saucerville is set in McMinnville, Oregon, home of the real Evelyn and Paul Trent, who observed and photographed a disk shaped metallic object over their barn in 1950. Eleven years later, Betty and Barney Hill were shaken to the core by a silent hovering disk in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Betty and Barney Hill were my aunt and uncle and I was 13 when their unsettling abduction by the Grays occurred.”

Kathleen Marden is a well-known UFO and abduction researcher and the author of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience and Science Was Wrong (with Stanton T. Friedman) and The Alien Abduction Files (with Denise Stoner).


 “It starts in the real ‘Saucerville’ of McMinnville, Oregon.  It turns into wild extraterrestrial adventure as ‘tweenage’ Elliott Hill and friends Stella and Whitley set out to be abducted by a UFO.  Their quest: Elliott’s mother, who’s deceased—or maybe not so deceased?  Read Jordan Hofer’s Saucerville and find out!”

David Halperin

Author, Journal of a UFO Investigator (Viking, 2011)


“This may be the most important young adult book ever written, in terms of its potential effect on the survival of the human race.  A sort of The Catcher In The Rye for the weird days ahead.  Honestly. It’s a ‘fun’ book, but the message, the information provided, is extremely serious stuff. An absolute must read, not just for precocious kids and teenagers, but for open-minded adults as well.”

David Barker

Author, Death At The Flea Circus

david barker


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