Evolutionary Ufology Receives Praise from Denise Stoner and Dr. David M. Jacobs

I have been truly fortunate in the praise Evolutionary Ufology is receiving from those in the ufology community.  Dr. David M. Jacobs and Denise Stoner have added their comments and names to my project, and I am truly grateful.

“We need more books like Evolutionary Ufology.  It contains serious thought about the abduction phenomenon’s origins and the abductors’ intentions.  By bringing the tenets of biological evolution to bear on alien abductions, Hofer expands our notions of how aliens might have evolved and influenced human development as well.”

Dr. David M. Jacobs


“This new concept will open your mind to fantastic ideas allowing you to use your imagination to visualize our development as human beings here on Earth. We wonder today, when might we uncover the smallest fragment of a new being with enough of a sample collected to run a DNA test? Will we ever know who we are and how we arrived here? This book gives us more than food for thought. The science is here along with beautifully laid out scenarios of the long ago lives of who we might have come from. This book will be terrific for many intelligent fire side chats over the coming years. It is a must read.”

Denise Stoner, Co-Author of The Alien Abduction Files



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