Eugene Celebration Book Sale and Signing

Last Saturday I sat at a small booth, hosted by my publisher Inkwater Press, and managed to sell and sign two copies of Saucerville.  I expect to sell many more in two events I have planned for September.  And, two is better than none!


David Barker’s E-Book Alien Autopsy Barbecue

David Barker has just published a new book, Alien Autopsy Barbecue, on Amazon.  See my review below, and follow the link in the picture to purchase!

David Barker has the ability to take a subject that has been beaten to death, like alien autopsies, and rework it into a story the likes of which you’ve never, ever, read before.
The first story in this duet, “Alien Autopsy Barbecue,” is about a guy from Salem who crashes the wrong party and ends up eating meat from Gray aliens recovered from UFO crashes. It’s a fast and funny read, culminating in truly trippy scenes and a satisfying conclusion of revenge on those who deserve it most.
The second story, “Words that Hurt,” is about a man who is seriously prejudiced against Gray aliens, and is forced to face that prejudice by the aliens themselves.
Both stories take place in the universe (or an alternate universe) of my novel Saucerville, with Conifer Aviation and the Grays playing the role of antagonist. I think it’s wonderful that David Barker wrote these stories, and am thrilled to have my novel’s universe expanded by them.
Read these stories and have a good laugh. Well worth your time and money!
–Jordan Hofer, author of the Saucerville trilogy and Evolutionary Ufology

Little Gray Bastards Outline Proposal Sent off to Schiffer

I just sent off the outline proposal for Little Gray Bastards, written by myself and David Barker, to my editor Dinah Roseberry at Schiffer Books. Here’s hoping she likes what she finds and that her pitch to the publisher succeeds in a second book deal with Schiffer Books!

Little Gray Bastards Cover Mock-UpMock-Up Cover


Saucerville and Evolutionary Ufology on The Fringe Radio Show

Last night I was a guest on The Fringe Radio Show, KTKK AM 630, out of Salt Lake City. The interviewer, Pat, and I covered a lot of ground, from my books to ufology in general–even bigfoot! You can hear the program here: My interview is the third or fourth listed, with my name.


Saucerville Promotional Frisbees (Flying Saucers) Invade Salem, Oregon!

The promotional frisbees (flying saucers) for Saucerville have arrived, and they look cooler than I could have hoped.  Watch the skies!




Evolutionary Ufology Galleys Received by Schiffer

Schiffer has received the corrected galleys for Evolutionary Ufology and my editor, the esteemed Dinah Roseberry, is poring over them.  One step closer to the proofs!


Interview on the Kate Valentine UFO Show about Saucerville

I had a great time on the Kate Valentine UFO Show out of New Jersey about my novel Saucerville.  Check out the interview here: