Authorama at Salem Public Library a Modest Success

I met some pretty interesting folks yesterday at the Salem Public Library’s annual Auhorama event.  Saw some good friends and family too.  And I sold three copies of Saucerville, making the event worthwhile.

authoramaAuthor fair sept 28 small


Saucerville Gets Heart Ripped Out by Escaping Reality Blog Review

Well, Escaping Reality‘s blog review is in for Saucerville, and it was panned.  2.5 / 5 stars.  She thought it was too violent, too preachy.  She did say I wrote good dialogue.

Arcade Book Exchange in Hillsboro

Well, I sold two copies of Saucerville yesterday.  But more importantly, I met Brian Parker, author and illustrator extraordinaire.  We swapped books, and I think I got the better bargain!  Luckily, Brian wants to do more events together, which is great, because he’s a really cool guy!

hillsboro And now my book is for sale at the Arcade Book Exchange in Hillsboro, so that’s one more avenue covered, hoping to spread my book like the plague!

Evolutionary Ufology Index Paginated

Well, it took three days of long, hard work, but the index for Evolutionary Ufology has been paginated at last.  Now I just hope that the page numbers all match after the final proof is completed.

Going through the book again, I was shocked by the internal consistency of its premise.  I set out to write the best UFO book I possibly could, and I succeeded at meeting my goal.  What in the name of Darwin anyone else will think of it, I can only guess!

Open Minds Radio Interview Online

Last Thursday’s interview with Open Minds Radio went very well and is now online to hear.  The audio of my voice was very low, I think because of the cordless phone I was using.  But if you turn up the volume or listen with headphones you should be able to make it out.  Interestingly, the host was more interested in Evolutionary Ufology than Saucerville.

Go here to listen:

The Book Bin Saucerville Signing a Fun Success!

Last Friday evening I had a Saucerville signing event at The Book Bin in Salem.  Very nice turn out, lots of family and friends, even some old friends I had not seen since high school!  My daughter Anna sat next to me at the table.  I read Chapter Two: The UFO Festival, and folks seemed to enjoy it.  I sold 9 books.  Looking forward to the next three signing events over the next three weekends!