Schiffer Publishing Accepts Little Gray Bastards

So my editor at Schiffer, Dinah Roseberry has once again successfully pitched a book to the publisher, this time, my and David Barker’s ufology extravaganza, Little Gray Bastards.  We have until either June or next November to complete it!  Thank you, Dinah, and David…here we go!


Marathon Speaking at Houck Middle School

Last Friday I had the opportunity to speak about writing Saucerville to three classes at Houck Middle School.  Today I completed my speaking blitz with TWELVE presentations in a row!  The students’ reactions were positive and they seemed to want to read the book.  I can only hope that this guerrilla blitz of speaking to my target audience will create much more buzz for the book than I have been capable of producing thus far.  Thank you to the staff and students of Houck Middle School!


Saucerville Talk at Oregon MUFON Meeting in November

In November I will be speaking about Saucerville and my ufology research at the monthly MUFON meeting in Portland.  Keith Rowell will also be speaking about junior ufology literature.  Join us!


UFO Magazine to Publish Two Articles

UFO Magazine, headed by Bill and Nancy Birnes, will be publishing my essay “The Longitudinal Ley Line of Human Evolution Hypothesis” as well as a thousand-word introduction to Saucerville!  Thank you, Nancy and Bill!


Portland Book Review Writes Sterling Review of Saucerville

Well, I could not have asked for more.  Nice to see some positive reactions!


Wordstock Festival a Total Bust

I didn’t sell a single copy of Saucerville at the Portland hipster extravaganza, aptly named “Wordstock.” I gave away one free copy to a guy in large glasses named “Tad” who apparently has connections with scriptwriters.  We’ll see.  Bad day.