Adamski-style UFO Transformers toy from 1985

I was 12 in 1985, so maybe I was just done with Transformers by then. I doubt I still collected or played with them. So that’s probably how Autobot “Cosmos” slipped my attention. In 1985, a Transformer was produced that looked precisely like an Adamski-style bell-shaped UFO. Cosmos is an Autobot, which makes it a good guy.

Autobot Cosmos

Autobot Cosmos

Adamski’s space brothers from Venus were good guys too. I wonder if there was ever a Decepticon (bad guy robot) “Reticulan” UFO. That and just one more would make a pattern of indoctrination via desensitization. Toys can be controlled by children. Toys of UFOs train children to disregard any real UFOs they may see without any fear.

In fact, there are two other versions of Autobot Cosmos…

Updated Autobot Cosmos

Updated Autobot Cosmos

And then, the really expensive version of this character…

The cost-prohibitive Autobot MW04 UFO Transformer.

The cost-prohibitive Autobot MW04 UFO Transformer.

The Adamski-style bell-shaped UFO Autobot Cosmos Transformer from 1985 is still the best…!


Saucerville to appear on Portlandia? UPDATE: Nope.


Abducted by Portlandia?

Abducted by Portlandia?

Apparently, Saucerville may appear on Portlandia. Their art department was looking for a sci-fi book for one of their characters to read. Here’s the official request:

“It will be part of a quick montage sequence that shows our main character coming up with new ideas, hence we are looking for an imaginative, sci-fi book for the shot.”

Great! Do it!

UPDATE: Portlandia never showed up to pick up the book.  That’s show-biz… 

New CONIFER “bad guys” announced with cool new logo pic!

Undoubtedly one of the most frightening foes the kids face in Conifer is the private security contractor Graywater. These are ex-military who have joined a private company that employs their tactical skills for a price. Very expensive in every way. These men are dangerous psychopaths who gleefully murdered innocent civilians in Iraq. And aliens. Grays. Hence the company name. They are the only company able to boast the successful tactical containment of a nest of Grays, this one discovered under a dock at Cape Canaveral–a USO with a crew of five Grays. All five Grays were drowned (during waterboarding, a procedure that doesn’t work on the Gray species). The USO and five little wet bodies were flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio (45433) under a five man Graywater security team.

Don’t ask for details. They can literally kill anyone anytime.

Graywater (Color)

I hope I am not on their kill list.

CONIFER over 60% complete

While I have been scrambling to finish my essays for Little Gray Bastards, I’m also growing aware that the folks who read and enjoyed Saucerville want its sequel. Conifer is still coming along quickly, considering all the other writing I’m doing. I am also writing a “Choose Your Own Path”-type book called Welcome to Saucerville!

Here are some concept covers for Conifer:

Conifer Cover 1

Conifer Cover 3

Conifer Cover 4

And here is a reworked cover for Welcome to Saucerville! from the Saucerville cover:


Keep reading, and keep watching the skies!