New CONIFER “bad guys” announced with cool new logo pic!

Undoubtedly one of the most frightening foes the kids face in Conifer is the private security contractor Graywater. These are ex-military who have joined a private company that employs their tactical skills for a price. Very expensive in every way. These men are dangerous psychopaths who gleefully murdered innocent civilians in Iraq. And aliens. Grays. Hence the company name. They are the only company able to boast the successful tactical containment of a nest of Grays, this one discovered under a dock at Cape Canaveral–a USO with a crew of five Grays. All five Grays were drowned (during waterboarding, a procedure that doesn’t work on the Gray species). The USO and five little wet bodies were flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio (45433) under a five man Graywater security team.

Don’t ask for details. They can literally kill anyone anytime.

Graywater (Color)

I hope I am not on their kill list.


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