Alien Cat Makes Appearance in Little Gray Bastards!

Somehow, the cat that lives with me had to make his way into Little Gray Bastards. Following are the illustration I created and the accompanying text from the book:

Chad the cat with Gray eyes and fractal spotting.

“I live with a gray cat. At the level of individual organisms, our relationship is surprisingly complex. Sometimes we are in competition for resources (territory, food, affection, etc.), and sometimes we are in a state of happy mutualism. When the gray cat is hungry it looks at me with its hungry eyes and screams for food. If the gray cat is sitting in my favorite chair and I move it so I can sit, it looks at me with its angry eyes. When I pet and groom the gray cat its green eyes go all glossy. These are the eyes that I recognize. But sometimes, the gray cat looks at me with a deep, unblinking stare, and in those moments I do not recognize the gray cat looking into my eyes. Suddenly, it is a Gray cat, and it is scrutinizing me with alien eyes and intent…”


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