SAUCERVILLE to go out of print; CONIFER set to publish as a limited run of 50 copies

I have decided, with superb input from my friend and editor, to publish Book Two of the Saucerville Trilogy as a limited run of only 50 copies on Amazon CreateSpace. Conifer, the sequel to Saucerville, will also be available for several months as a Kindle e-book while I promote the book on radio shows and in print media. Then it will be pulled from KDP and the trilogy will simmer until I have completed the final book, Mothership, which will be released in the same manner as Conifer. In about ten years, all three books will be rewritten as one single volume entitled Saucerville, with the hopes of being published by a larger publisher, not as a self-published work. The final result will be the story as it was meant to be told in the highest quality.

Below are the stark designs for Conifer‘s front cover, spine, and back page:

Conifer Front Cover

Conifer Front Cover

Conifer Spine

Conifer Spine

Conifer Back Cover

Conifer Back Cover


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